Handing the Shame Back (Podcast)

June 21, 2022
Sexual Abuse & ExploitationKen Clearwater

Ken Clearwater: Handing the Shame Back (English)

Ken Clearwater, a founder member of SSI, interviewed about the sexual abuse of men and boys. This fascinating podcast includes an exploration of gender and masculinity norms, how they contribute to hiding the problem, and make it harder for family, community and service providers to be able to help survivors. Ken also shares many of his own experiences - including being sexually abused as a small boy, how it impacted upon him, and how he overcame unhealthy survival mechanisms - and grew up to be an activist helping men and boys for over 25 years, in New Zealand and beyond. 

This honest account is essential viewing for anyone hoping to learn more about sexual abuse of men and boys. 

Ken ClearwaterKen Clearwater

Ken Clearwater ONZM, has worked with male survivors of abuse for 25 years, contributing to and inspiring groundbreaking national and international developments and initiatives. He managed the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust in Christchurch, New Zealand for almost two decades, directly supporting thousands of survivors. His work and advocacy has transformed the way that abuse of boys and men is perceived and responded to in New Zealand, also consulting with government ministries, departments and law enforcement, to improve responses and support for male victims and survivors. Inspired by his own experiences of childhood abuse, his tireless campaigning and advocacy also helped bring about important changes to legislation, enabling male survivors to access government support, and contributed to the creation of a Royal Commission into the Institutional Abuse of Children in Care. He has supported the development of unique and innovative community based peer support models, and a groundbreaking programme for male survivors in prisons, that are still used to this day. He was one of the founding members of the steering group for Te Ohaaki a Hine National Network - Ending Sexual Violence Together, helped establish Male Survivors Aotearoa and was instrumental in founding the South-South Institute on Sexual Violence in 2012. Ken has shared his experiences and the peer-support model established in New Zealand at numerous international conferences, including at UN events in New York, in 2013. The government of New Zealand recognised his achievements  when he was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit, recognising his outstanding service to the Crown and people of New Zealand. He is currently writing his autobiography, due for publication in 2023.

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