Carlos’ Story (Nicaragua)

June 21, 2022
Sexual Abuse & ExploitationSSI Team

Carlos’ Story (Nicaragua)

(Spanish with English subtitles)

A short and inspirational film about a young man who experienced sexual abuse, highlighting some of the difficulties he experienced, and how he ultimately overcame his experiences to help others. Useful to share with boys to promote discussion and messages of hope, to support service provider training and advocacy, and includes essential messages for those wanting to help boys.


Survivor Stories: ‘I was a victim of sexual abuse’ (Malaysia)

(English with subtitles)

A short film about a young Malaysian man who was sexually abused. Useful as a tool for promoting discussion, debate and introducing otherwise hidden issues and perspectives.

Survivor Stories: I was a male victim of sexual abuse - YouTube 

Shamed into Silence: The hidden victims of male ‘honour abuse’.

Most people have heard about 'honour abuse' of women, but men can be hidden victims too. Coming from conservative religious communities, they can find themselves having to hide anything from sexual abuse to domestic violence, to their sexuality, because to speak out could dishonour their families. 

Shamed into silence: The hidden victims of male 'honour' abuse - BBC Newsnight - YouTube

BBC video: ‘I was groomed and sexually abused by 30 or 40 adult men’

(English with subtitles)

Based on a true story of a young English man who was abused and exploited by adults, but dismissed and even blamed by the authorities when he asked for help. Very useful as a tool to introduce important issues, promote discussion and for sharing key messages.

 'I was groomed and sexually abused by 30 or 40 adult men' - BBC Stories - YouTube

Seen and Heard: Spot the signs of sexual exploitation

(English with subtitles)

Made by the Children’s Society in the UK, as a training resource for professionals. Includes a story about a boy who was being abused by a family member. Made for the British context but provides useful opportunities to discuss issues related to boys, including behavioural signs that a child is being abused, many of which are misunderstood or missed by service providers.

Spot the signs of child sexual exploitation | full length film | Seen and Heard - YouTube

Handing the Shame Back (English)

Ken Clearwater, a founder member of SSI, interviewed about the sexual abuse of men and boys. This fascinating podcast includes an exploration of gender and masculinity norms, how they contribute to hiding the problem, and make it harder for family, community and service providers to be able to help survivors. Ken also shares many of his own experiences - including being sexually abused as a small boy, how it impacted upon him, and how he overcame unhealthy survival mechanisms - and grew up to be an activist helping men and boys for over 25 years, in New Zealand and beyond. 

This honest account is essential viewing for anyone hoping to learn more about sexual abuse of men and boys. 

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