Global Boys Initiative on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (ECPAT International)

June 21, 2022
Sexual Abuse & ExploitationECPAT International

The Global Boys Initiative

Why a Global Boys Initiative?

At the 2016 Global Survivors Forum organised by ECPAT International, male survivor-advocates of sexual exploitation explained that services for boys were extremely rare, and even where services may include boys, there is limited focus on addressing the specific characteristics, experiences and support required by boys. As responses to identify and meet the particular needs of boys are scarce, ECPAT International launched the Global Initiative to explore the sexual exploitation of boys.

About the Global Boys Initiative

The Global Boys Initiative sheds light on an angle of the sexual exploitation of children that has limited research and, coupled with nuanced regional and thematic analyses, allows us to conduct advocacy, inspire further research, and provide immediate practical guidance for improved response and prevention strategies to address the sexual exploitation of boys globally.

At ECPAT International, we advocate for changes at policy, normative, political, social, and operational levels. We believe that adopting a comprehensive approach is essential to ensuring that boys are better protected against sexual exploitation, and that survivors of this crime have access to the support services they need. 

Our research aims to influence the way policies and services are designed, to ensure that the distinct experiences of boys is not only taken into account, but that such policies and services are adapted in order to ensure that these distinctions are properly and efficiently addressed.

Each country report includes the results of a survey conducted with frontline social service providers about services available to boys subjected to sexual exploitation, analysis of how well the legal framework protects boys and girls from sexual exploitation and recommendations for immediate and future action.

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Visit ECPAT International to learn more about the Global Boys Initiative.

ECPAT InternationalECPAT International

ECPAT International is a global network of civil society organisations that works to end the sexual exploitation of children. It focuses on halting the online sexual exploitation of children, the trafficking of children for sexual purposes, and the sexual exploitation of children in the travel and tourism industry. The ECPAT International network consists of 118 member organisations in 102 countries.[1] Its secretariat is based in Bangkok, Thailand, providing technical support to member groups, coordinating research, and managing international advocacy campaigns.

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