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We are a largely virtual, sometimes face-to-face space where survivors, service providers, researchers, activists, and policy makers find a home.
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About SSI

The South-South Institute recognises that there is no single narrative for sexual violence; it is an intersectional issue, affecting people across multiple spectrums of gender, class, age, identity, ability, and race. While our primary focus has been, and is on men, boys, and SOGIE-diverse people, we proudly stand with those in the women’s movement who first fought the oppressive culture of silence and repression that surrounds sexual violence within our respective cultures. Our commitment to work together to protect and support all who are affected by sexual violence, abuse, and exploitation continues.

International discourse on sexual violence has largely developed in the global north out of crucial efforts to end violence against women and girls. As a result, efforts to address sexual violence are disproportionally conceived from cisgender, heteronormative perspectives, which often assume agency and vulnerability based on traditional gender norms. This leaves many vulnerable people, including boys, men, and SOGIE-diverse people without adequate access to protection and support. As a community of survivors and allies, we embrace a more nuanced approach, which sees vulnerability as dynamic and intersectional.

We emphasise the ‘south-south’ in order to acknowledge, value, and place at the forefront, the strengths, resources, skills, diversity and wisdom of those in the global south, which have also long been neglected or silenced. We are committed to democratising learning, and challenging harmful assumptions and power structures that contribute to sexual violence within a post-colonial world. You are most welcome to join us in our quest.

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