SCOPE (UK) The Social Model of Disability

June 21, 2022
Disabilities InclusionSSI Team

SCOPE (UK) The Social Model of Disability

A short and compelling film (English with subtitles) which explains the social model of disability. Essential viewing for those wanting to transform ideas about how people with disabilities are viewed.

From SCOPE: 

"In this film, we ask prominent disabled people from the disability community what is the social model of disability, and why is it important to them?The social model of disability says that disability is caused by the way society is organised, rather than by a person’s impairment or difference. It looks at ways of removing barriers that restrict life choices for disabled people. When barriers are removed, disabled people can be independent and equal in society, with choice and control over their own lives.Disabled people developed the social model of disability because the traditional medical model did not explain their personal experience of disability or help to develop more inclusive ways of living.An impairment is defined as long-term limitation of a person’s physical, mental or sensory function."

About Scope:

Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here. We provide support, information and advice to more than a quarter of a million disabled people and their families every year. We raise awareness of the issues that matter. And with your support, we'll keep driving change across society until this country is great for everyone. Find out more about our work here:

The South South Institute recognises that adults and children with disabilities face increased risk and vulnerability, and are therefore several times more likely to experience sexual violence, abuse and exploitation. Research also indicates that children and adults with disabilities, and their families often face significant barriers to accessing services, and are consequently less likely to access protective and support services. We are committed to developing and supporting initiatives to address these disparities, to ensure that people with disabilities receive the protection and support they deserve. This page includes some useful reports and resources which can help increase our understanding of the issues, and become more inclusive in our work. Please contact us at SSI for further information and support to address inclusion issues.

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