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Breaking new ground in South Korea

South Korean service providers attend a two-day workshop to develop gender-responsive and inclusive services.

Following the 5th SSI event in Kampala, Uganda, representatives of the South South Institute on Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys (SSI), Sunhye Kang, Jarrett Davis, and Alastair Hilton, are collaborating with Maggie Eno, co-director of Cambodian NGO M’Lop Tapang, the ECPAT International Global Boys Initiative, and local Korean member TACTEEN, to hold a groundbreaking workshop for South Korean service providers on April 12th and 13th in Seoul.

The two-day event follows up on the GBI ‘Korea Report’ and is the first of its kind in Korea. It provides opportunities for Korean practitioners to reflect on the findings of the study, consider the implications for their future work, and develop innovative ideas for gender-responsive and inclusive services. The event will also identify learning needs for input in a future curriculum for service providers and seek to establish a community of practice to support future developments.

Sunhye Kang, SSI representative for East Asia, led the original research team and commented that "Following the publication of the original research in November 2021, the demand for practitioners to get together to address these issues has been growing. We see this as an important and exciting first step in a journey to develop and deliver a range of services designed specifically to meet the expressed needs of boys and deliver the support that they so richly deserve."

Further information, outcomes, and a blog will be posted on this site following the event. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.